Celebration of International Mangrove day by NEWS


July 26th is the International Mangrove day.
Some of you may wonder ‘why’? Do World’s Mangroves deserve to get their own special day?
The answer is obvious – “yes, they definitely do.” And why? Because they are one of the most unique and endangered form of ecosystem.
Now a days, mangroves around the world, face a lot of threats due to conversion of mangrove forests into unsustainable coastal aquaculture, tourism developments, pollution, oil spills and climate change. The world’s mangroves are not only the home to the enormous diversity of wildlife but also they support local communities in generating livelihoods to a great extent esp. fish and crab resources, thus rightly called the nurseries of fishes. The most important role of course is in creating a bio-shield against increasing number of tropical cyclones, nature’s own solution in mitigating coastal disasters , checking erosion – being often referred as ‘sentinels of the coast’.
Yesterday, on 26th July, to celebrate International Mangrove day, Nature Environment and Wildlife Society(NEWS) organised a programme in Sumatinagar in Sagar island of South 24 Paragana district, West Bengal. With the help of local community and Gram Panchayet, NEWS initiated their mangrove afforestation programme in the area.
Local people showed a great interest towards the mangrove afforestation programmed and took part in plantation, awareness walks , where women and children participated in good numbers. They shared their own ideas and views with NEWS who believes and work diligently towards involving the community towards mangrove conservation. This is a part of German initiative funded by Global Nature Fund , German cooperation and Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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