Expert Visit to Bhitarakanika, Odisha


Expert (livestock, fishery and agriculture) visit was successfully conducted on 23rd to 25th December 2016 to build resilience of the coastal communities of Bhitarkanika, Odisha through increased livelihood security. Firstly the experts visited the farm and kitchen garden of different farmers and compared the yield and taste of organically grown crop with the inorganic variety. The number of panicles was significantly higher in the organically grown paddy, the cost of organically grown brinjal is higher than the market price though demand was more in terms of taste, health and it is also more beneficial in respect to environmental cost. Farmers are successfully preparing vermicompost. Use of indigenous seed, water intensive crop, treatment of seed by cow urine and neem leaves extract before sowing, use of miracle and bio-pesticide had been widely practiced by the farmers. Experts basically sorted out the problems of the farmers and they shared their knowledge regarding field based technical knowhow, case specific suggestions and other area specific remedies of livestock and integrated poultry and duck cum fish farming by the locally available resources. They discussed about integrated farming through proper use of pond and livestock, use of feed and lime at proper time, proper method of vaccination of livestock, compost, vermicompost, panchagavya, bio-pesticide etc. At Dangamal Gram Panchayat Office farmers interacted with the experts about integrated farming of poultry (Duck), fish and crop for increasing livelihood security.