Fresh Water Watch (FWW) events under HSBC-Earthwatch Water Programme


Under project: Supply of Citizen Science Research & Education services
Funded by: Earthwatch Institute India
Fresh Water Watch is basically an initiative to engage trained Citizen Science Leaders in exploring the fresh water resources available around their place. During an FWW, trained HSBC CSLs participate in hands-on water quality testing. The programme aims to increase connection between nature and people as well as to spread awareness about fresh water, especially, East Kolkata Wetlands.
Till now 14 FWW events were organized on the following dates: 22.11.2014, 20.12.2014, 21.02.2015, 21.03.2015, 15.05.2015, 26.09.2015, 07.11.2015, 12.12.2015, 30.01.2016, 27.02.2016 ,19.03.2016, 02.04.2016, 16.04.2016 and 07.05.2016 Total number of participants till now is 338.
FWW events are organized by NEWS team in different bheries of East Kolkata Wetland (eg. Nuner bheri, captain bheri, 4 no. bheri, Nalban bheri) and attended by HSBC Kolkata employees and the NEWS team.