Freshwater artificial pearl culture with community participation at Dumurdaha-Takipara Fishers’ Co-operative Society under the project titled “Augmentation of Alternative Livelihood Options of Fishermen through Comprehensive Development (Integrated Farming) in Balagarh Block as Pilot-1 of District Project Management Unit (DPMU), Hooghly under WBADMI Project


The project site of Dumurdaha-Takipara FCS, Balagarh Block, Hooghly, West Bengal is very much
potential for freshwater pearl culture due to high abundance of pearl producing freshwater Lamillidens
in this area, huge availability of water area with conducive physio-chemical parameters for survival
of Lamillidens. Therefore, artificial pearl culture has been integrated as an avenue of additional
income generating activity specially engaging the women for their empowerment and for capacitating
the beneficiaries of the FCS another viable livelihood option.