JINDAL STEEL WORKS LIMITED, DOLVI PROJECT Mangrove Restoration and Development of Sustainable of Livelihood (Under CSR) (January – March, 2018)



Since 2016, the CSR Department of JSW, Dolvi is working on Restoration of Mangrove, Livelihood and Study of Biodiversity of Dharamtar Creek on Amba river.The perpose is to prevent saline upsurge from entering into villages of the region during high tide by developing a mangrove bio-shield along the embankmen.Out of 16 villages situated near embankment in the project area from Kolve to Vittelwari Bhal. A total I, 05,000 seedlings were planted in 25 hectares area of the 5 villages in the1st phase of mangrove restoration project . This plantation was done by 406 members under 29 SHGs of 5 villages. In the 2nd Phase a total 2,99,740 seedlings were planted in 60 hectares area of the 20 villages in the 2nd phase (2017-18) of mangrove restoration project . This plantation was done by 820 members under 81 SHGs of 20 villages. Along with mangrove Restoration programme, preparation of” Community Fish Ponds” have been completed successfully during 2017-18 Various Livelihood training has been provided to the beneficiaries like fish culture, tailoring, jute bag making. Mangrove vegetation provide a complaint niche for the myriad resident as well as passage of migrant aquatic birds, which utilize the system in varying degree for feeding, roosting and breeding. Mangroves serve the birds in different ways. Herons, Storks, Raptors and owls use them as nesting sites. Raigad district can be divided into three conspicuous zones topographically. Coastal zone is covered by vast paddy fields. Central region of the district comprises of fertile low lying areas mostly used for rice cultivation. The eastern parts of the district is cover by the Sahayadri hill ranges having highly uneven surface and natural vegetation on these hills is poor. Forest is mostly confined to south-eastern parts of Raigad district Raigad district were once very rich in wildlife which is now very much reduced in these areas due to indiscriminate shooting and poaching in the past. Occurrences of wildlife like Tiger, Panther, Sambar, Chital, Barking deer, Wolf, Wild boar, Jackals, Hares etc was recorded in this region .