MLE Visit to Bhitarakanika, Odisha on 24th November 2016


To build resilience of the coastal communities of Bhitarakanika, Odisha through increased livelihood security, ten beneficiaries were selected out of thirty one in Dangamal, Kamalpur, Badadia and Trilochanpur villages for monitoring learning and evaluation (MLE) by the MLE members on 24th November 2016. They observed different facets of climate smart adaptation that were adopted by the beneficiaries. MLE members discussed about various issues like organic farming, comparison of yields and taste of organically grown crops with the inorganic treatment, use of indigenous seeds, seed sowing pattern, disinfection of seeds by traditional methods, water intensive crops, pollution control, soil health, vermicomposting, proper tabulation of different types of data for proper monitoring and evaluation, training of self-help group for better livelihood option.