Benchmark Studies on the Status of Mangrove Forests in Sundarban

Under IUCN LGP ‘Alternative Livelihood Options For Vulnerable Mangrove Resource Users In The Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, West Bengal’, the Project aims to study the sustainable habitats of mangroves and their associate in Sunderban under different physico-chemical and anthropogenic factors of the area, mangrove species suitability under different environmental condition and to develop mangrove afforestation manually.

The project is operated through Director, Sunderban Biosphere Reserve. Alternative Livelihood Options for vulnerable mangrove resource users in the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, West Bengal

Funded By: Mangrove for the Future (MFF) through West Bengal Forest Department, GoWB
Project Duration: 2012 (1 Year)

(1)Study the suitable habitat of mangroves and their associates in Sunderban under different Physico-Chemical and anthropogenic factors of the area

(2)Study the dominant mangroves species suitability under different environmental condition for afforestation programme.

(3)Develop mangrove afforestation manual.

On the basis of the Knowledge gathered from the nature a protocol will be developed for mangrove species plantation programme. The viable nursery practices and suitable planting techniques based on the collected data are well documented in a draft manual.