Impact of habitat management practices, especially canopy manipulation and grassland restoration, on the habitat use pattern of herbivores and the herbivores-carrying capacity in Jaldapara NP, Gorumara NP and Mahananda WLS

This project is based on the habitat management studies at 3 Protected Areas (Jaldapara National Park, Gorumara National Park, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary) of North Bengal. Especially the impacts of previous management practices on herbivores of these PAs.

Funded By: Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) & West Bengal Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Project (WBFBCP)
Project Duration: 2017-2020
A) To finalise the methodology and selection of study sites in consultation with the client B) To assess the impact of habitat management practises with emphasis on canopy manipulation and grassland management in Jaldapara NP, Gorumara NP, and Mahananda WL Sanctuary on the habitat use pattern of herbivores (specially all deer species, Rhino, Elephant and Gaur ) C) To assess the herbivore-carrying capacity of these PAs D) To identify the major weeds in the PAs, assess the occupancy percentage, evaluate the current practises for weed elimination and suggest measures for strengthening effective weed management. E) To develop habitat management plans for the three Protected Areas in relation to the herbivores, especially in regard to canopy manipulation and grassland management. F) To incorporate the comments and suggestions of the Wildlife Wing and other field Officers received through the PMU office