Mangrove restoration along the mud-embanments at Dolvi, Mumbai engaging community through sustainable development by JSW steel limited

JSW steel plant along with NEWS (as consultant) has initiated a mangrove restoration programme along the mud-embankments of Dolvi, Mumbai. As a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), this initiative of JSW Steel intends to conserve the degraded mangrove ecosystem along the mud-embankments of Dolvi area and improving life qualities of the people living around the plant area.

Funded By: JSW Steel Ltd
Project Duration: Started in 2016

1. To restore the mangrove ecosystem engaging local communities along the mud-embankments of Dolvi, Mumbai.

2. To secure livelihoods of local communities by sustainable management, ecosystem rebuilding and conservation.

3. To document the biodiversity of the region.

4. To generate communication products on biodiversity and disaster mitigation to be circulated among villagers for generating awareness.

5. To develop an interpretation center on mangroves & its biodiversity

6. To share information through organizing various stakeholder workshops/visits.

1. Plantation site has been selected

2. Initial visits to nearby villages & community interaction.

3. Development of plantation design is in process

4. Video of detailed updates of the project can be viewed at