A sensible community…the key to mangrove conservation in Sundarban

“Badabon (The mangrove) saved our village many times from being washed away by these harsh rivers…we are committed to protect it, whatever that may cost”- replied an optimistic young face of Lakshmipur village bursting with compassion for her homeland and the community she belongs to. A community of 1300 villagers led by a team of 20 mangrove stewards made a difference through their strong unity and concern towards protecting mangroves which stabilizes the whole Madhusudanpur Island acting as protector of their villages.

Madhusudanpur, a 430 Hactres area in South 24 Parganas, developed as an island over many years under the influence of a typical dynamic estuarine ecosystem. The geograpical presence of this land itself acts as a shield to protect adjacent villages like Lakshmipur, Kasinagar and Kalinagar from the tidal surges of Hoogly river.

The community of these villages has seen episodes of natural calamities and its consequences as many other coastal villages of Sundarban. Their strong sense of security and responsibility made them realize the importance of this island and the mangrove forest planted and restored by themselves with the supervision of NEWS.

NEWS intervention to build up a steward team through awareness and hand holding support on utilization of natural resources to elevate their lifestyle and income had a great impact on generating a team effort and conveyed the larger vision towards mangrove protection.

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