Our Profile

Nature Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS), founded in 1991, is a conservation NGO based in Kolkata, India. Our primary focus is to conserve wildlife, ecology, natural resources and sustainable livelihoods for an improved environment. NEWS is a name of conviction in the conservation circle through its work, passion and dedication. We work for a better future where scientific research, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and policy advocacy are put together to achieve sustainable development.

In this fast changing world, conservation is a continuous process where new challenges emerge every day. There is no such milestone in conservation which can be achieved once and for all. However, the process must adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific advancements. We believe that without community’s empowerment and participation no amount of effort can sustain any threatened or vulnerable ecosystem, livelihood or natural resources.

NEWS is managed by a Governing Body comprised with a pool of dynamic people from allied professions. The Governing Body is supported technically by Advisory Board and Ethical Committee.

NEWS is registered under Registration of Societies West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961 (Registration No. S/68835 of 1991-92). NEWS is also registered with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 (Registration No. 147120614) under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to receive foreign funds from international donors. The society holds 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961 where any donation is liable for tax deduction as per rule. Details of our yearly audit are stated in the Annual Reports which is available in Report section under Publication.


Our Vision

A wise planet where ecosystems are functioning, development is sustainable and wildlife is safe.

Our Mission

To protect, restore and enhance the ecosystems and its services, natural resources and vulnerable livelihoods for the benefit of humanity

Our Objectives

  • Conservation through research, planning and comprehensive work.
  • Evaluation of ecosystems and its services through monitoring & documentation.
  • Mitigation and Adaptation - Identify, explore and recommend specific actions to reduce and adapt to risks and vulnerability.
  • Awareness - Inform and educate.
  • Stewardship – Build ownerships of local communities.
  • Advocacy - Address policy related issues.
  • Synergy - Bring stakeholders together.
  • Gender – Sensitisation and Empowerment.

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