Rehabilitation and protection of tropical Mangrove ecosystems as a contribution to climate and coastal protection, to the conservation of biodiversity as well as the natural livelihoods in India and Sri Lanka





The project is targeted to contribute to climate and biodiversity protection and the conservation of coastal areas through the protection, restoration and sustainable use of Mangrove forests. The introduction of alternative income and the improvement of existing income generation streams (sustainable fisheries, agriculture and ecotourism) applying climate-friendly techniques and following gender and equality, will increase climate resilience and adaptation to climate change of local communities.


Funded By: Global Nature Fund, Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ)
Project Duration: 3 years (2017-2020)
1. Afforestation and restoration of mangroves in 70 hectares area within Sunderban Biosphere Reserve with a participatory gender inclusive approach to ensure climate proofing 2. Livelihood improvement and build climate resilience of the newly selected stewards. 3. Enhanced conservation awareness and minimized dependency on natural resources for sustainability 4. Increased sharing of knowledge and good practices 5. The model is recognized by Panchyati Raj Institutions and other stakeholders and incorporated in their planning document
1. Selection of Afforestation site: A total of 34 ha area in Manmathanagar (Bipradaspur Gram Panchayat), Gosaba Block and Sumatinagar (Dhaspara II) in Sagar 2. Development of mangrove nursery: Two mangrove nurseries have been developed at Manmathanagar and Sumatinagar. Nursery beds have raised and maintained by the women group both the places. In Sumatinagar a total of 30,000 saplings are maintained by a group of women 3. Plantation of seedlings: Plantation of seedlings in intertidal mudflat area has been done with the participation of local community. More than 250 people from local area had been participated in the program. Mainly, seedlings of Brugeriera gymnorhiza , Avecnnenia officinalis, Avecennia alba, Exocecaria agallocha , Rhizophora mucronata and Heritiera fomes are used for plantation. 4. Total 80 stewards from Sagar and Gosaba Block have been selected for Income Generation Activities. 5. This year 1 km non-mangrove plantation have been completed in project area for fodder and fuelwood collection 6. Augmenting Livelihood opportunities – linking with Government Schemes: a. Training Provided to 34 women Stewards by the experts from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nimpith b. Linking with Schemes of Animal Resource Department, Govt of West Bengal for Backyard Poultry farming c. Distribution of 1000 Rhode Island Red chicks and feeds for 3 months among 30 women d. Organizing veterinary health camp and regular vaccination program 7. Capacity building program has been started through training and handholding for integrated farming, backyard poultry farming and chemical free organic farming