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Nature Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS), founded in 1991, is a conservation NGO based in Kolkata, India. Our primary focus is to conserve ecology & environment, wildlife, natural resources and sustainable livelihoods for an improved environment. We work for a better future where scientific research, knowledge dissemination, community engagement and policy advocacy are put together to achieve sustainable development.

Conservation is a continuous process which must adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific advancements. We believe that without community’s empowerment and participation no amount of effort can sustain any threatened or vulnerable ecosystem, livelihood or natural resources.


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Himalayan Serow – first documented in Buxa by NEWS

Himalayan Serow – Capricornis thar, sumatraensis , with its large head, donkey like ears , thick neck and sh...
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Short-tailed Shearwater – first recorded in India by NEWS

Short-tailed Shearwater (Ardenna tenuirostris) – the most abundant seabird species in Australia which genera...
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New mangrove species found in Sundarbans by NEWS

A new mangrove speicies, Acanthus albus – a sub-species of Acanthus was found in Indian Sundarbans by the NE...
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Wildlife – an inevitable component of unbiased Nature

A reminder on “World Wildlife Day”, 3rd March 2016 Uttering the word ‘Wildlife’ th...
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Critically Endangered (CR) mangrove species is being restored by NEWS

Sonneratia griffithii is a mangrove species listed as critically endangered ...


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Mangrove Roots


By Anubhav Sarkar My first week as an intern and an opportunity to visit one of India’s ... Read More
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February 19, 2018 | 12:08 am
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Mangroves along a creek in Sundarbans

Mangrove Mania

By Ajanta Dey Working on landscape ecology, this I find is an amazing gift of nature. They ... Read More
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February 19, 2018 | 12:08 am

Events & Update

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Celebration of ‘International Mangrove Action Day’

A decorative colourful tableau illustrating the biodiversity of Sundarban was organized by NEWS in collaboration with District Panchayat & Rural Development and West Bengal Biodiversity Board. The tableau was flagged off from Simpark Mall, Lindsay Street by Ms Agnimitra Paul...
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Nature Club

Nature club named “PRAKRITI” was launched at M.P Birla Higher Secondary school on 09.07.2016 by NEWS. The theme of the inauguration Class was ‘For life on earth: Save Water’. Separated session for both juniors and seniors classes were organized by NEWS. The students...
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Nature club ‘PRAKRITI’

Nature club “PRAKRITI” of M.P Birla Higher Secondary school started their ‘shutter club’ journey on 06.08.2016 where the senior section learnt basic skills regarding wildlife photography from renowned wildlife photography expert of NEWS. Junior section of ‘PRAKRIT...
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Stakeholder workshop on ‘Synergy for Biodiversity Conservation and Fisheries based Enterprise Development in Sundarban Tiger Reserve’

A Stakeholder workshop on 'Synergy for Biodiversity Conservation and Fisheries based Enterprise Development in Sundarban Tiger Reserve' held on 10th January, 2018 at Presidential hall, Hotel Middleton Chambers, Kolkata. This was a 'Launch' workshop of the project based on 'S...
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One day Workshop on “Conservation of Biodiversity of Sundarbans”

A one day Workshop on ‘Conservation of Biodiversity of Sundarban’ was held on August 17, 2016 for the 140 Gram Panchayats from all 13 blocks of South 24 Paraganas district located in Indian Sundarbans. The programme was organized by Nature Environment & Wildlife Society ...
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Continuation of Nature Club “PRAKRITI” 24.Sep.16

In continuation of the Nature club named “PRAKRITI” at M.P. Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School, Behala on 24.Sep.2016, another separate session on awareness and sensitization program for both junior and seniors were organized by Nature Environment Wildlife Society ...
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School programme on Global Freshwater Challenge

As a part of the awareness drive on freshwater challenge by Nature Environment Wildlife Society (NEWS) & Earthwatch Institute, a presentation was organised at Ballygunge Vidyalaya Shilpa Shikshayatan, Kolkata with IX and Xth standard students on 20.02.2016. Students w...
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Fresh Water Watch (FWW) events under HSBC-Earthwatch Water Programme

Under project: Supply of Citizen Science Research & Education services Funded by: Earthwatch Institute India Fresh Water Watch is basically an initiative to engage trained Citizen Science Leaders in exploring the fresh water resources available around their place. Duri...
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For A Green Kolkata- An EY Foundation Initiative

Under project: For a Green Kolkata Funded By: Ernst & Young Foundation NEWS along with Kolkata Municipal Corporation organized a one day plantation event “For A Green Kolkata - An EY Foundation Initiative”at Sil Maidan, Tangra, Kolkata, on 22nd August 2015 with a...
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A seminar on ‘East Kolkata Wetland’ in Techno India Engineering College

The seminar was organized jointly by NEWS and Techno India Group, Salt Lake on 16.10.2015 with an aim to build awareness among the future engineers of our country on East Kolkata Wetlands – a Ramsar site and general environmental issues. During the interactive event, a pre...
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An UGC sponsored seminar on ‘Man and Nature: the East Kolkata Wetland Perspective’

The programme was on various aspects of man and nature interactions. Focus was on the East Kolkata Wetland biodiversity, history and functions. As the wetland receives and purifies almost entire sewage of the city, it is one of biggest examples of how nature subsidises man...
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Continuation of Nature Club “PRAKRITI” 22.Oct.16 & 5.Nov.16

In continuation of the Nature club named “PRAKRITI” at M.P. Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School, Behala on 22.Oct.2016 and 5.Nov.2016 another separate session on Biodiversity of Sundarbans had been conducted with both junior and senior students by Nature Environment...
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Program on Healthy Energy

A Programme on Healthy Energy was jointly organised by Earth Day Network, India and Nature Environment and Wildlife Society in collaboration with Nafargung Gram Panchayat during 26.02.2016 - 27.02.2016. Women and children were made aware on reducing firewood usage as cook...
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NEWS Stall at 40th Kolkata International Book Fair

NEWS & ENVIRON had a collaborative stall at 40th Kolkata International Book Fair with a theme on wildlife and communities dependent on vulnerable ecosystems....
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MLE Visit to Bhitarakanika, Odisha on 24th November 2016

To build resilience of the coastal communities of Bhitarakanika, Odisha through increased livelihood security, ten beneficiaries were selected out of thirty one in Dangamal, Kamalpur, Badadia and Trilochanpur villages for monitoring learning and evaluation (MLE) by the MLE m...
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Expert Visit to Bhitarakanika, Odisha

Expert (livestock, fishery and agriculture) visit was successfully conducted on 23rd to 25th December 2016 to build resilience of the coastal communities of Bhitarkanika, Odisha through increased livelihood security. Firstly the experts visited the farm and kitchen garden of...
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Citizen Science Leader (CSL) Days

Under project: Supply of Citizen Science Research & Education services Funded by: Earthwatch Institute India Citizen Science Leader events are part of HSBC-Earthwatch Water Programme. During this whole day event HSBC employees are generally empowered on the importan...
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Workshop on Wildlife Photography & Conservation of Nature

The workshop will be held on the occasion of photography club inauguration at the Automobile Engineering Department of MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah. ...
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Honorary Volunteer as a “Bonyapran Sathi” with Wildlife Wing, Directorate of Forest, Govt of West Bengal

Wildlife Wing, Directorate of Forest presents an unique opportunity to be an honorary volunteer and partner in Wildlife Conservation. To join as "Bonyapran Sathi" log in to www.wildbengal.com & www.westbengalforest.gov.in for detailed information and Application form....
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Rehabilitation and protection of tropical Mangrove ecosystems as a contribution to climate and coastal protection, to the conservation of biodiversity as well as the natural livelihoods in India and Sri Lanka – Kick-off Meeting from 27th February – 03rd March 2017, Pakhiralaya, Sundarbans, India

The kick-off meeting saw the participation of 2 partner organization from Srilanka namely Nagenahiru and EMACE, 2 partner organization from India namely CreNIEO and NEWS and GNF, Germany. The list of participants are as follows :- 1) Sajeewa W. Emmanuel and Ajitha P. Ulvi...
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Celebration of Earth Day with NOVOTEL at East Kolkata Wetlands

Nature Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) celebrated EARTH DAY with employees of NOVOTEL on 22.4.2017 with an awareness and citizen scientist training program at East Kolkata Wetlands....
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Home stay eco-tourism in Sundarban

Community led Tourism is emerging as a very popular word in tourism sector especially for those tourists who intend to travel to pristine landscapes, creating low carbon footprints and are eager for experience based travel options. It aims to deliver sustainable economic dev...
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Empowerment of Women of Sundarban through Poultry Farming to Strengthen Ecosystem Conservation

Nature Environment and Wildlife Society had organised an event to empower the women steward group of Amlamethi village of Gosaba Block, South 24 Parganas. In this program 1000 chicks and poultry feed were distributed among 34 women to develop backyard poultry farming for a...
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A visit to East Kolkata Wetland by South Calcutta Girls’ College

In an educational visit of South Calcutta Girls’ College students from departments of Economic, Political Science, Journalism and Mass Communication to a part of East Kolkata Wetland (4 no.bheri) conducted by NEWS, the EKW waste management system was explained through a wa...
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Celebration of International Mangrove day by NEWS

July 26th is the International Mangrove day. Some of you may wonder ‘why’? Do World’s Mangroves deserve to get their own special day? The answer is obvious - “yes, they definitely do.” And why? Because they are one of the most unique and endangered form of ecosys...
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World Environment day – Go wild for life

Poster and drawing competition on protecting wildlife was organised at Edumagic center, Budge Budge by NEWS, where documentary video on illegal wildlife trade was shown to the participants and also a discussion took place on how urban people, specially students can prevent ...
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Say ‘NO’ to plastic bags

An awareness campaign sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank was conducted by NEWS on “ No PLASTIC BAG USE” at Nabadisha education centre, Taratala. Our team taught the underprivileged children how to make paper bags and sensitized all participants to promote biodegradable...
nature wildlife - sundarbans


Sundarbans (‘the beautiful forest’ in English) is a wild fragile mangrove ecosystem in the southern Bengal – fundamental to existence of this part of the world. The delta homes to the biggest mangrove forest on earth and is the only tiger-mangrove. The region is one of the most vulnerable from climate change and increasing disasters........

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nature wildlife - sundarbans

Flora of Sundarbans

Mangrove forest of Indian Sunderbans has a total of 84 recognised flora species out of which 34 are true mangroves. Mangroves are trees of various species of several families which can survive, grow and propagate in sea water or swampy brackish water and alluvial soil in tidal zone. The mouth of the tidal creeks and drivers, where salt and fresh water is mixed in ideal proportion, show the greatest concentration of mangroves in Sunderbans........

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nature wildlife - sundarbans

Fauna of Sundarbans

The Sundarbans of India and Bangladesh is the only mangrove in the world where tigers still alive. The Sundarbans provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat. This mangrove is the critical habitat for numerous species........

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nature wildlife - sundarbans

The Community

Sunderbans is not only a land of mangroves, rivers and tigers. It also homes to 6 million people in India. Though agriculture and fishery is the major livelihood here, a large portion of the people depends heavily on forest products to earn their bread.........

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